Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I made a friend!

When we moved to Kernersville, I immediatly began to look at homeschool activities that the kids could get involved in so that they make some new friends. One of the ones I chose was homeschool PE at the YMCA. I thought that a 7 week course would be just right once a week for them to make some new NC friends.

We are on our 3rd week and the kids have made some good buddies that they are anxious every Tuesday to get up and go see....But, God threw in an extra special blessing for me...He sent me a friend too. I met a girl name Jodi ( my sister's name) on the first day of class. She had a brand new baby girl I just had to admire and we started talking.
It turns out she was born in NC, but lived most of her growing up years in Lakeland, FL! Her husband is also in full time ministry as a youth pastor. We are they same age and she told me she graduated from Liberty. Come to find out, we were at LU at the same time. We may have even lived in the same dorm that semester!

We decided last week to go swimming after PE today and so we let the kids swim for an hour and then we went and got cheeseburgers and hot dogs and ice cream at Bill and Leah's .We had such a good time and made plans to picnic at the park next week.
It was just a sweet gift from the Lord to unexpectedly make a friend!


The Jodi Bob said...

Great... Jodi!? Melissa had a friend named Jodi in Florida, now you have a Jodi. Can I not be the only Jodi around you people?? Things will get confusing for the kids.. But I don't want to be called Aunt Jodi. How about just Jodi Bob. OK? Ok!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous but happy you found a friend. As long as she doesn't become your BFF, I'll be okay with everything.

Love ya! ~Amy

Jackie said...

You are my only BFF!!!! Love ya!