Saturday, September 13, 2008

And School Begins...

We finished up our first week back at school and had a great week! We switched math curriculum's from Abeka to Math U See. We love it! All 3 kids had a great first week of math and made 100% on the end of the week test.
For History I am going to use Story of the World and Galloping the Globe. We did a little G the G this week and worked on Asia. I am also doing Five in a Row vol. 4 for History....just not this month!

The science book (The Scientist Apprentice) I decided I didn't need or want, I decided the night before school started I did in fact want to use, so I ordered it and it is on the way! The first topic is Astronomy, and we will study that for 8 weeks!

Language, Reading and Spelling are still Abeka (If it ain't broke don't fix it!)

I have a really cool book called Draw then Write by Evan-Moor. The kids will learn to draw an object and then write a story about it. Hopefully, I will be sneaking in writing as fun!

We are going to do a Fall nature Study by Jane Claire Lambert (who wrote Five in a Row) in October and the Winter Study in February.

We are using the Marble Jar incentive this year. I have a larger than a mason jar that the kids put marbles in, when it is full, we are going to go do something fun. They can each earn 2 marbles a day by doing school work without complaining and chores without complaining. If I catch them doing something good, they earn an extra marble. I can take marbles away for griping, complaining or fighting. It is working really really well....I hope it continues to!

We also went to Homeschool PE at the YMCA where there was a total of 38! The girls also went to an American Girl book club tea and that was a lot of fun too!

I will post some pictures soon of the school room and the tea!


Julie Gill said...

Jack, I loved SOW and MUS!!! Those are the 2 things I miss now that the boys are in school. We still put on the SOW cds for them to listen to. Good stuff!

Have a great school day!

Love ya!!

Julie in Yankee doodle land

Jennifer said...

Love the marble jar idea. I think I will use that. :)