Thursday, August 7, 2008

Random blogging

The Countdown has begun...13 days until Disney! 18 days until we move! 25 days until we start school! Until then, here is some random thoughts, opinions and updates:

*I have been reading this series of books by Stephenie Meyer called Twilight. The last book came out Saturday and has been criticized so much. I, for one ,just want to say I thought it was a good book. So many people said they didn't like it because the ending wasn't "real" enough. Seriously, the books are about a girl who falls in love with a vampire! How real can the be??

* If you ever need to move, the best place to get boxes are Bed Bath and Beyond. They have awesome boxes and they smell good! Just a warning, if you go more than 5 times, the stock boys might start asking you if you are married or if you have plans for the evening....not that I would know or anything!

*I am addicted to Panera Bread's Asian sesame chicken salad and baked potato soup. Every Wednesday this summer the kids have went to my Mother in Laws to play and I have had a day to myself. I go to Panera and take my teacher's planner and work on the coming school years plans. It has been so relaxing and productive to go there.

*We are going camping at Disney World for 4 nights. I toss back and forth from being excited to terrified. Camping? In August? It will either be a blast or a disaster...I'll keep ya posted.

*I really love my ipod touch that Greg gave me for Mother's Day. I am getting more and more comfortable with it and rarely leave the house without it. The only problem is it is making me into a bit of a tech junkie. I am looking at electronic websites and dreaming of computers, video cameras and cool cell phones...weird

* Never underestimate the power of a $20 pedicure. It really can lift your spirits and make you feel pretty.

Third Days new cd Revelation is awesome! It is so good I cannot even pick a favorite song. Mac just keeps getting better.

Hope everyone has a really good end of summer. 45 days until fall. Yippee Skippee


Anonymous said...

I love it when you randomly spit stuff out of you brain.
Do you think I need to head over to Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up some more boxes for you? Can't wait to hear that story.
You are making me crave some Panera Bread.
Maybe I won't be too jealous of your trip to Disney since you are camping in August. It may not turn out to be the happiest place on earth this time.
I guess you will be turning me into a tech junkie since you are hooked on your ipod.
I definitely agree about the pedidure. $20 is a great deal. Can't wait til we can go together and get pampered in NC.
I just bought Thrid Day's new CD on Wed. and I also love it. So many great songs that really spoke to my heart and what I am going through in my life. Thanks for making me a Mac Powell fan!
You know what fall means? Craft shows! Can't wait.
See you soon.
Love ya!