Monday, May 19, 2008

Revisiting Mitford

Every few years I decide to reread the Mitford Books by Jan Karon. They are by far my favorite series of books. I have probably read the first book, At home in Mitford about 5 times! It is such a sweet gentle read and I enjoy it so much. If you have never read any of these books, I would highly recommend them.

I tend to relate the type of books I read like beverages. I know that is weird...but, work with me here and think of it like this:

The Bible ~ like milk... Does a body good, necessary for growth
Christian, self help books ~ Orange juice. Some times pretty good, other times taste like aluminum foil!
Modern day christian romance books ~ Diet coke, won't hurt, doesn't help a lot either just enjoyable.
Historical Fiction ~ A fruit smoothie ~ More substantial and still yummy!
Classic English literature ~ A v8. It is good for me, but I tend to have to hold my nose to get it all down...and not very often.
Mitford Books ~ A venti pumpkin spice latte ( and those that know me know this is high praise!)

So if you like coffee, v8s ,diet cokes or smoothies, drink something so you don't dehydrate and always remember to have your daily dose of "milk".


Anonymous said...

Cute!! Where does my "beloved" cup of coffee fit in? MOM