Thursday, May 8, 2008

End of the school year photos

Since I took pictures when we began the school year, I thought I would post some pictures of the end of our school year. My, how they have grown in the last 10 months!


Anonymous said...

My my, what three good looking kids!!! Love you bunches. NANA

Anonymous said...

Those pictures made me smile. Abby is growing up so fast. It won't be long until the boys will be calling and Daddy will be stressing out. Nathan looks so smart and even more handsome in his new glasses! Congratulations to my "sister", Esther, for graduating AND losing a tooth all in one day.
Thanks for sharing. Miss you all!
Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

soo cute!!!! love Essie showing off her missing tooth!!


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Cute photos--Go Mountaineers!