Monday, September 21, 2009

My organization system

I just wanted to share how I organize for each month. I take a folder and on the front I staple a printout of my calendar that I have on ical. I sync my ical to my phone and so it usually has all of the events that I know are coming up in the month, but I have room to add in any extras as the month goes along.

On the inside in the left side pocket, I place recipes, coupons, school experiments, birthday invitations etc. Just stuff I know I will want to look at again throughout the month . I am sure I will be adding
adoption paper chase information soon! :)

On the right I paper clip my weekly event from that I made. It tells me the meals I have planned for the week and has a section to elaborate on each day and also a "things to do/buy" area. I change this
out every Sunday

On the back of the folder, I paper clip my Motivated Moms chore chart. I decided not to buy the 2009, but then later in the year
decided I wanted it, so I am just using the 08 and writing in my
own dates until 2010 when I buy the new one. I change this out every Sunday too.

I just keep this folder on the counter or at my desk and it is a reminder of what needs to be accomplished within the week.


Kim said...

Great idea. I've been working on a planning system. You have given me some new ideas. I like the Motivated Moms system. I haven't done it in a while, but it really does work well. I also like the idea of having a monthly folder.