Thursday, February 26, 2009

March Plans

Here is a list of some activities we are planning for the month of March:

Ice Skating with our church group on the 1st.

Make Lion and Lamb sugar cookies and start our chart of how many Lion(cold) and Lamb(mild) days March will have. Everyone will make a guess as to how many of each.

Observe the beginning of the Iditarod by reading a few favorite sled dog books and choosing a favorite musher to follow and cheer on throughout the race.

Begin play practice at church for the Easter program

Continue with our Co op group on Thursdays

Celebrate Daylight Savings Time!

Continue with Moon unit and make that visit to Sciworks that we never made in February.

Watch some March Madness basketball!

Make a few cards and spring crafts to take to the nursing home and visit shut ins.

A weather unit with Esther complete with a cloud mobile, read cloudy with a chance of meatballs and a cotton ball cloud craft.

A small study on maple syrup making and sugaring. Have waffles with real maple syrup for dinner. ( I would love to go to New England and watch this process, but that is a bit far for a field trip!)

Continue on reading the complete works of Beatrix Potter

Have a Park Day and take our How to draw North American Birds book, go on a nature walk and have lunch (Bill and Leah's hot dogs!)

Build a back yard bonfire one evening and enjoy some spring weather.

Celebrate St. Patricks Day! Read books, make a leprechaun craft, have green milk and green mashed potatoes, color a rainbow, watch the veggie tales story of St. Patrick, and go out for shamrock shakes!

My men will begin baseball (Nathan) and softball (Greg)...stock up on sunflower seeds! :)

Visit the farmers market for fresh asparagus and new potatoes

Have our annual end of the school year be done at the Second Chance Ranch school.

Take a long weekend to Virginia to see family while Greg is gone to a men's retreat.

Celebrate the first day of spring with a spring poem and tulip craft

Field trip to Lowes Foods for Esther with Walkertown Home Educators

Begin to plan and budget for 09/10 school year. Sign up for the NCHE conference in May.

*** It is rare for us to get all of the things I plan for in a month worked into our schedule. There are a few activities that were planned for February that were bumped to March....I am by no means supermom, I just like to have a plan and goals laid out before me for the month ahead. Hopefully posting them on here will give some of you some fun ideas to do with your March! Happy Early Spring!


Jodi B said...

Sounds like FUN! I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I am exhausted and jealous just reading all of that stuff. I think you are Super Mom and Super BFF! ~Amy