Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Summertime

We are in the heat of summer here in Florida and boy do I feel it! I have zero energy when it is so hot! I am trying to have a garage sale on Saturday, but every time I go out in the garage to work, I quickly find a reason to come back inside!! So bright and early Saturday morning I will be in the driveway selling "treasures". Love going to yard sales..having them, not so much!

The kids have VBS this week and seem to be enjoying it. We have a wedding Greg is preaching next weekend, and guess what??It's outside!! Abby said she is not going unless she can wear her bathing suit....can't say that I blame her. Poor Greg, he will have to wear a suit.

We have a few weeks of just being home before we fly up to Virginia for a few days. I am looking forward to swimming in mom and dads pool and hopefully enjoy some cooler nights.

We have only been out of school 3 weeks and I am already itchy to get back at it. I went to a curriculum sale in Orlando and scored a KONOS Vol 1 for $6 (new it is $99). I am working on my planner for next year and trying to plan out a year long calendar.

Greg and I had our 13 year anniversary yesterday. I am so thankful God let me marry my best friend. We had a good date night out last night. We went to Outback (my fav.) and coldstone. Lets just say I didn't keep up my ww points yesterday.

Hope everyone is doing good. I miss my parents and Virginia "peeps". I miss my new NC friends. Love you all and see ya soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey BFF! I miss you bunches too. I know how grouchy you get living in the heat of Florida. I cannot wait for you to get back home to Virginia.
Congratulations to you and Greg on 13 years. Like I have said before, you act like you are still on your honeymoon. Keep up the good work. I am proud of you both.
See you soon.
Love, Amy